Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Katie Garibaldi Follow Your Heart 2014

Follow Your Heart cover art

Katie Garibaldi has an immediate likeability factor, her artistic integrity pours from your speakers!

Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

I hate labels. To pigeon hole an artist into a specific genre is to attach a self imposed ball and chain that some artists can never break. Katie Garibaldi is different. Take some folk influences, some country chord changes and some solid Indie pop song writing and you get an artist that leans towards the more personal touch. There is nothing pretentious or manufactured with Follow Your Heart. Americana music that transcends genre and geographic location.

San Francisco has never exactly been the hot bed of country music but as a music city unto itself there is a plethora of diverse talent that is ever changing as the eclectic landscape of the city. A bakers dozen of original compositions with a positive message and smoothing tone. The next fair question might be, "sounds like?" Imagine Sheryl Crow and Taylor Swift got into a bar fight...The ebb and flow shows great care in putting together a release of all originals that might be the equivalent of tap dancing in a harmonic mine field for a lesser artist.

Katie Garibaldi is the epitome of the modern day singer / songwriter. Garibaldi will sink or swim on her own merit. A former editor of mine used to say "Water always finds it's weight." I'm still not sure what he means but I will simply say Katie Garibaldi is an Independent artist whose musical stock would seem to be an arrow pointing straight up.

Tracks: Follow Your Heart; Holding On; Make Them Go Away; Love The Hell Out Of You; Lock The Door, Lose The Key; Close, Close, Close; Whispers & Rumors; Vegas; Wedding Day Song; Always Kiss Me Goodnight; White Roses; You Saved The Best For Last; Bonus - Stand In My Way.