Saturday, July 12, 2014

Justin Clark The Tranzient Ensemble Permanent Transience Neu Klang 2014

Justin Clark elevates improvisational music past genre and into an organic art form seldom heard!
Brent Black /
The bass trombone while arguably one of the most versatile brass instruments has long been relegated to the back rows of orchestras or politely pushed off to the side in big band ensembles. Justin Clark has assembled a somewhat non traditional instrumentation yet with a symbiotic chemistry that captures a harmonic snapshot in time of what may well be the new sound for improvisational music. The Tranzient Ensemble transcends genre, space and time with the stellar release of Permanent Transience.
Jazz? Chamber Jazz? New Classical? Yes...With an instrumentation that includes Marimba and Violin there is an ethereal texture of sound create that moves in and around the genres mentioned while never getting settling too long in any particular accepted style. A sextet that performs with the finesse and flair of a much smaller ensemble is deconstructed depending on the composition and that elusive lyrical sense of purpose is the dynamic flow of improvisational freedom that solidifies each piece. Clark gives virtuoso like performances on such compositions as the beautiful ballad "New Orleans" and the slightly more hard bop influenced "Zoom Out." Perhaps the most captivating number is the rock influenced punch of "Mythical Advance of Archetypal Underdog." This particular tune has the syncopated pop reminiscent of some of the early if not pioneering work of the legendary rock group Chicago yet the voice here is all Justin Clark.
Music should be in a constant evolutionary state. Static friction within an artist or ensemble can be the lyrical kiss of death. Justin Clark is the epitome of the searching artist and with the release of the ambitious Permanent Transience, the music revolution continues!
Tracks: Subzero; Sama'i Thaqil; Zoom Out; Possente Spito; Mythical Advance of an Archetypal Underdog; In*Tro*Spec*Tion; A Hundred Bars For Tom Everett; Capriccio; Syrinx; Without; New Orleans.
Personel: Justin Clark: Bass Trombone; Didier Metrailler: Percussion, Drum Set (1,2,3,5,6,7); Loic Defaux: Marimba, Vibraphone, Percussion (1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10); Fiona Kraege: Violin: (2,4,5,6,10); Shigeru Ishikawa: Bass (1-6); James Alexander: Piano (1,2,3,11).