Friday, July 4, 2014

Jazz Funk Soul Jeff Lorber Chuck Loeb Everette Harp Shanachie 2014

A contemporary instrumental power trio that can do no wrong!
Brent Black /
Smooth jazz is what belongs on the weather channel. Jazz Funk Soul is the aptly titled release from a amazing collective that jump starts the genre back to a more inspired and inspiring riff on the sound contemporary instrumental music has been trying to find for the last decade. Lorber, Loeb and Harp are simply at the top of their game. Jazz Funk Soul is not smooth jazz but it does belong in your collection!
Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response from touring, Jazz Funk Soul has been released with seemingly minimal fanfare but with an enthusiastic response. Jeff Lorber is widely considered to be the godfather of the more traditional contemporary instrumental sound known as smooth jazz yet his harmonic vision continues to reinvent the genre as is evident on the syncopated jazz nasty, "Adrenaline." Chuck Loeb's musical stock went through the roof upon joining Fourplay and his versatility shines on "Raccoon." Everett Harp may be the contemporary equivalent to the straight ahead legend Houston Person. Harp's fat sound and lyrical intensity on tenor provides the perfect counterpoint for Lorber and Loeb.
The plug has been pulled on smooth jazz. Jazz Funk Soul is an exceptional release and the perfect marriage of both the old and new sounds of contemporary instrumental music. There is an ebb and flow of textured shading from three giants and a rich color pallet of sound that rises far above what the traditional smooth jazz aficionado may be accustomed to hearing.
A release that reviews itself. Perfection does not have to be predictable!
Tracks: Speed of Light; Swingette; Adrenaline; Silent Partner; Telephone; We Were There; Line Drive; Serious Business; D.C. Raccoon.