Thursday, July 17, 2014

Greg Reitan Post No Bills Sunnyside 2014

Greg Reitan continues to grow as an artist, he is as good as any pianist working today.
Brent Black /
Greg Reitan is a stealth pianist as he seemingly flies under the radar while continuing to garner critical acclaim across the board. Post No Bills may arguably be his finest recording thus far with a trio that works as a cohesive harmonic train of thought. Post No Bills is actually an older Reitan composition given new life by an artist with the innate ability to dig just a little deeper than some of his contemporaries. Covers? No...Reitan doesn't play covers as one would expect to hear at happy hour in the local Marriott. Greg Reitan approaches the improvisational literature of such greats as Keith Jarrett, Joe Sample and Chick Corea with an inquisitive reverence. A respect felt and not taught - this is the music of Greg Reitan.
The original compositions including "Spring" and "Solitude" showcase a simply yet refined elegance that touches an emotional chord without an overtly pretentious presentation. The opens with Keith Jarrett's "Morning Star" and it is the ethereal approach to harmonic movement that has the arrangement a stellar work. Dialing up the tempo we have the reharmed "Stella By Starlight" reinvigorated with the rhythm section rounded off with bassist Jack Daro and drummer Dean Koba. One of the more impressive arrangements would be that of Denny Zeitlin's ballad "After The War." This particular tune is from 1965 while the lyrical transformation is timeless.
There are other compositions including the iconic "I Loves You Porgy" which simply reinforce that simplicity in the hands of a true artist can well be the ultimate in sophistication. An absolutely superb release across the board.
Tracks: The Morning Of A Star; One Day I'll Fly Away; Stella By Starlight; Lonely Woman; Spring; I Loves You Porgy; Windows; After The War; Post No Bills; Solitude.
Personnel: Greg Reitan: Piano; Jack Daro: Bass; Dean Koba: Drums.