Sunday, July 20, 2014

Greg Chambers Can't Help Myself 2014

Greg Chambers is no longer a newbie, he is a rising star!
Brent Black /
Contemporary instrumental music (formerly known as smooth jazz) has taken a beating over the last five years. A tightly clustered pack of musicians whose differences are measured by the thickness of a sheet of paper are now being forced to dig just a tad deeper in their harmonic arsenal thanks to stellar talent such as Greg Chambers. An independent artist with some dynamite guest shots from Nate Harasim, Paul Brown and Matt Godina makes a bold statement that sometimes just being yourself is the best artistic statement one could make.
Nate Harasim handles the mixing duties while Paul Brown is featured on "It's On." While vocals on most releases that walk the smoother side of the jazz street are basically R & B cast offs looking for crossover gold, "All My Life" and "Lovely" are solid. Respectively, Jalen Seawright and Kevin Lewis are talent to keep an eye on with both tunes having more than ample opportunity to cross over on a variety of platform play lists. Bassist Julian Vaughn and six string ace Matt Godina add depth and flavor to a release that is a showcase for the exponential growth of Greg Chambers.
Far more than pretty melodies, Greg Chambers is a lyrically driven artist that is now separating himself from the pack. A dynamic tone and the ability to compose a tune that has this artist opening for some major league talent, Greg Chambers is the new hot ticket for contemporary instrumental music! There are major label artists not making music this well!
Tracks: Can't Help Myself; In The Moment; So Into You; Off The Cuff; All My Life; Saturday Afternoon; It's On; Come A Little Closer; Lovely; Wait Awhile; Dreaming Of You.