Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Equal Time For Rebecca Martin

In the interest of equal time, I feel compelled to update a previous post concerning Rebecca Martin. Recently Rebecca expressed some highly negative opinions of critics and of one particular publication. Not going to plunk that one string banjo.

Rebecca reached out to me with a very thoughtful and eloquent explanation of her intentions concerning a recent post on social media. As I previously stated and have learned from personal experience, it is not what you say but how you say it.

Rebecca was clear she values the input of a good many writers, some less than others but that is no different from what I do when reviewing music. Specific acknowledgement was given for my dedication in attempting to shine some much needed light on Independent artists all across the globe. I have dedicated four years of my life to this work and sadly it is coming to an end. My illness occasionally makes me slightly more cantankerous than usual. Not an excuse, just my reality.

There is a great misconception among artists of what exactly a critics role in music should be. We are every bit as passionate as the artists we write about. I have had to fight, scratch and claw for every bit of respect I may have earned. Artists are no different. We shared a perspective and while the majority of her concern was directed at Down Beat ( and the critics poll ) and I am certainly not "Down Beat" (although my work has appeared in the magazine more than a dozen times) I wanted to stress the point of artists and critics working together. No writer I know truly enjoys constructing a poll, someone is going to get left out and feelings can get hurt - human nature.

I wanted to publicly thank Rebecca Martin for her explanation. I feel we both walk away better for it.