Sunday, July 13, 2014

Enjoy The View Blue Note 2014

Enjoy The View is a musical celebration with the most unlikely of trios, and they nail it cold!
Brent Black /
I haven't been a fan of Blue Note for over a quarter of a century which is about the same length of time they seemingly tossed in the towel on the improvisational music that not only built the label but defined the cultural history for a significant portion of this country and beyond. Any label that would sign and release a recording from actor Jeff Bridges is immediately off my list. For the uninitiated, Bridges makes Kris Kristofferson seem like a viable candidate for male vocalist of the year. I realize Jason Moran has / records for the label but that is simply a different level of boredom. Enjoy The View is an engaging collaboration between the most unlikely of trios resulting in a release of depth, character and that traditional Blue Note sound of harmonic movement.
This release was not spur of the moment, the rehearsal was. A one day session where a musical synergy was established and a unique collective of sound was developed. Three voice working as one, a harmonious lyrical chain of thought. Vibrant colors, changing dynamics and a three dimensional sonic depth of field that has indeed captured the classic Blue Note sound while evolving the presentation to a somewhat more contemporary audience. No covers...All originals that cut a wide harmonic path. Sanborn while known more for his work on the smoother side of jazz has that old school Lou Donaldson meets Hank Crawford sound down, Joey DeFrancesco who is arguably the finest organ player on the planet manipulates the dynamics and melodic flow while Bobby Hutcherson adds the texture and counterpoint which blends so well within this all star collective.
I've seen some negative remarks pop up which include beefs about the length of the release. We were blessed with seven tunes while some Blue Note artists from the sixties recorded 4-6 with 4 alternated takes of the same tune(s) that may have only varied by seconds. Swing and a miss. Some have said the tunes simply don't catch their ear. Taste is subjective, tone dead lasts forever.
Enjoy The View is a triumph and while this would seem to be a one off deal, it is well worth the listen!
Tracks: Teddy; Delia; Don Is; Little Flower; Montara; You; Hey Harold.