Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eliana Cuevas Espejo Alma 2014

Eliana Cuevas transcends the Latin genre, a true vocal artist of amazing depth!
Brent Black /
Music is called the universal language and Espejo reinforces this relatively simply concept as the vocal bar of excellence has just been raised. A subtle sophistication, an elegant presentation and a smoldering passion all combine to have Eliana Cuevas set to crash the global glass ceiling of international stardom. Simply put, Cuevas is as technically proficient and artistically gifted as any artist working today.
Does one need to be bi-lingual to appreciate Espejo? No... but it sure makes one want to learn a second language! Essentially a release of all original music and A list musicians simply enhance an amazing talent that hails from Canada. Not a new comer as Espejo is the forth release for Cuevas and this veteran makes a bold yet organic statement of the power and beauty that is contained within the Latin genre.
Critically acclaimed in Canada, Eliana Cuevas is set to make a mark in the United States as a formidable lyrical force. Breaking down a release such as this is somewhat impossible given my personal language barrier but fans outside the Latin genre that enjoy the vocal gifts of a Gretchen Parlato or Jane Monheit should indeed flock to this release.