Saturday, July 12, 2014

David Pedrick Time Remembered 2014

David Pedrick | Time Remembered
Guitarist David Pedrick is setting a new standard for modern jazz guitar...
Brent Black /
There are some amazing guitarist that inhabit the improvisational ground zero of the universe known as New York City and David Pedrick is one of the finest. Time Remembered might best be described as the deconstructed harmonic exploration of the classic Bill Evans composition "Time Remembered." Musicians continue to examine the possibilities that are still running just below the surface of the Bill Evans discography long after his tragic death, some work better than others. Time Remembered would be one of those rare virtually flawless recordings that should be held up as the "how to" guide for those that feel so bold as to attempt such an auspicious release.
Pedrick has assembled a formidable 4tet to harmonically deconstruct and rebuild the tune while never losing the authenticity of the original melody. Pedrick does exemplary work on the acoustic guitar, an intimate and introspective exploratory which moves at his own harmonic pace and reinforced with contributions from the ensemble cast. Ryan Kauffman is an A-list soprano saxophonist and his lyrical drive on "Lab Snivel" is beyond reproach. The titles are in fact anagrams on "Bill Evan's" which was a humorous take that the legendary pianist utilized on more than one occasion. This is a true collective of talent and more reminiscent of an extended lyrical conversation. Dave Young plays with the finesse of a young Paul Motian and bassist Steve Meashey punctuates the atmosphere with a soulful Eddie Gomez like approach that while "familiar" is uniquely the artistic voice of a stellar cast of music co-conspirators.
The highlight may well be David Pedrick's incendiary swing on "Navel's Lib." Simply put, "Navel's Lib" is not the type of burner would normally associates with arguably the greatest harmonic genius of modern music. This is where Time Remembered moves to the head of the pack of Evans exploratory recordings. This is not a "tribute" release, David Pedrick utilizes his prolific talent and vision to take on the work of a legend while making it his own.
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Tracks: Bill's Vane; Van Libels; Lab Snivel; Vin's A Bell; Navel's Lib; Slab Liven; Vain Bells; Ball Vines; I'll Be Van's.
Personnel: David Pedrick: Guitar; Ryan Kauffman: Soprano Saxophone; Steve Meashey: Bass; Dave Young: Drums.