Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cyrille Aimee It's A Good Day Mack Avenue 2014

Cyrille Aimee is one of those rare vocal artists that can crawl inside a lyric and make it breath. A remarkable talent!

Brent Black /

Critics should never play favorites but then again I have probably fractured every accepted standard practice of critical analysis. Cyrille Aimee is one of the finest vocalists working in improvisational music today. Jazz sexy sounds cliché if not a tad sexist but Aimee can turn a lyric into a smoldering emotive work of art with minimal effort.

It's A Good Day is the Mack Avenue "debut" of an artist that is far from a newbie but certainly an established a critically acclaimed  talent worthy of a second look. The sound scapes constructed are as diverse as her background. A multi-cultural feast that allows the listener to take a harmonic journey that transcends genre. Two standards are magically reharmed into personal statements, "Where or When" and "It's A Good Day" from Peggy Lee. While covers from Michael Jackson and Duke Ellington might seem slightly "Off The Wall" both the Jackson smash and Duke Ellington's "Caravan" are deconstructed with a panache that few vocalists can pull off. The Cyrille Aimee originals sound as though they are waiting in the on deck circle to join the Great American Songbook, "One Way Ticket" is a classic.

It's A Good Day embraces the vibe that smooth jazz artists call chill but with Cyrille Aimee, it actually means something.  One of the best releases for 2014...

Tracks: Where or When; It's A Good Day; Bamboo Shoots; Twenty-Eight; Caravan; Nuil Blanche; Young At Heart; Off The Wall; Love Me Or Leave Me; One Way Ticket; Fourtant; All Love; Tricotism.