Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bobby Broom My Shining Hour Origin 2014

Bobby Broom My Shining Hour

The aptly title My Shining Hour is indeed Bobby Broom at his very best!

Brent Black /

My Shining Hour is far more than one more artist taking the easy way out by banging out a selection of tunes from the Great American Songbook. Bobby Broom doesn't play covers, he reinvents and meticulously manipulates melodies to find a new way of looking at some time tested classics. To call some of these selections "eclectic" would be the equivalent of beating the proverbial harmonic dead horse. To call some of these selections modern adaptations of American classics would be spot on.

The guitar trio is a format fraught with peril, some guitarists have avoided it for the majority of their career. Bobby Broom is the standard for which most all trios should be measured. The more open ended if not spatial look at tunes such as "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "Tennessee Waltz" reignite the beauty of melody and the timeless elegance that is found with a deconstructed look at our musical past. The slightly amped up version of the classic "Just One of Those Things" is a look at not only the versatility of Broom but at his careful attention to detail and the lyrical sense of purpose that is deeply embedded in this iconic standard from Cole Porter. Make no mistake, this is not Bobby Broom and two after thoughts as bassist Dennis Carroll and drummer Makaya McCraven function as a collective. One singular melodic train of thought.

This is Bobby Broom at his best. Bobby Broom spent some rather serious quality time under the legendary Sonny Rollins...It shows. A stellar release of sophistication and elegance.

Tracks: Sweet and Lovely; My Ideal; Just One of Those Things; My Shining Hour; Sweet Georgia Brown; The Heather on The Hill; The Jitterbug Waltz; Oh, Lady Be Good; The Tennessee Waltz.