Thursday, July 3, 2014

Artists / Enoch Strickland and Social Media

I don't like posting about politics as it is a no win situation. I like it even less when I feel compelled to defend myself after a second rate session player attempts to call me out on social media.

Earlier an artist posted a link concerning the crisis happening in Southern Ca., Arizona, and Texas where hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are pouring across the border. The facts as stated include that housing for these people simply doesn't exist...One artist called these people "migrant workers" - sorry but that by definition is factually incorrect.

I made the simple statement that I see no problem with turning away thousands of illegal aliens when this country under the current administration can not adequately feed and house the naturalized citizens currently residing in this nation. The argument that these people are seeking a better life for their kids doesn't wash as thousands / millions have done the same thing but within the laws and guidelines we have in place, laws and guidelines they will be obligated to follow as citizens. To allow someone to come here "illegally" is a slap in the face to the millions that respect our system and our way of life. Enoch - stop playing the role of the angry black man, it is an old tired race card that most people are disgusted with. I am simply someone with no patience and will not tolerate being personally attacked when only expressing a general opinion. I didn't come after you. Never come after a writer as it will NEVER end well for you.

Strickland launched a vicious and overly emotional personal cyber attack questioning my intelligence while attempting to play that oh so warm and fuzzy ideological let us save the world p.c. card that people who value ideology over facts seem to enjoy .

We have immigration laws in place to "hopefully" be fair and equitable to all as there is no greater compliment to this country then to have someone immigrate here to live among us. But allow me to school you Mr. Strickland...

One in five children go to bed hungry in this country and YOU want to add to the problem?
"Shame On You!" The link below is verification:

The poverty level under Obama is a disgrace, again for your reading pleasure:

Mr. Strickland...Before you attempt a personal drive by cyber attack, I suggest you build a cogent and intelligent argument based on fact...Not an emotional p.c. tizzy in an attempt to take the moral high ground that doesn't exist. Before you attempt the classic fall back to blame President Bush allow me to remind you of yet another fact, Obama said if he could not "fix things" after 3 years he should not even be considered for re-election. You can't blame a former President who has now been gone roughly six years for the incompetency and out right deceit of the current occupant of the White House. Swing and a miss.

The irony is President Obama has promised to help do something about this crisis. Oddly enough he said he would do yet another end run around Congress as he has a phone and a pen. The pen must be out of ink and I guess he has one of those free Obama phones and his minutes are used up...

Mr. Strickland, practice...Be a musician, stay off social media and tread lightly on personal attacks that have no merit...You do seem to be good at music. Your knowledge and intelligence to discuss public policy and the economic direction of this country are equal to that of my knowledge concerning Peruvian pottery.

Good luck that...