Sunday, July 13, 2014

Acoustic Alchemy Live In London +180 2014

More than a live album, a brilliant retrospective of a storied career!
Brent Black /
If you blinked you may have missed it, Acoustic Alchemy has dropped a double live recording that covers the vast majority of their previous discography as well as selection from the critically acclaimed release Roseland. After a quarter of a century, Acoustic Alchemy are survivors. The band has endured time in multiple genres, survived the tragic death of a co-founder and has still managed to grow and evolve while building one of the most loyal followings in contemporary improvisational music.
Miles Gilderdale once confided to me during an interview that "smooth jazz" was a ambiguous label their neither he nor most of his contemporaries were comfortable with. Live In London showcases the most versatile of ensembles that transcends genre while creating a contemporary sound that has evolved over time. In reality there is very little to be said with Live In London. Greatest hits live? Sort of...A great evening of acoustic jazz, yes!
Pizza Express was the venue, sort of England's version of Smalls or perhaps Smoke. The sound is pristine, the band is on fire and the music is timeless. Genres are normally crutches used by critics when they are really not sure where the band belongs. Acoustic Alchemy has a legendary reputation, a contemporary sound and the savvy to continue to go the distance.
Greg Carmichael on nylon guitar, Miles Gilderdale on steel string acoustic and electric guitars, Fred White on keyboards, Greg Grainger on drums and his brother Gary Grainger on bass.