Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Will Champlin Borrowing Trouble Infant Soul 2014

Borrowing Trouble, Will Champlin

The spirit of the Independent singer / songwriter goes up another notch with Borrowing Trouble!

Brent Black /

Remember Will Champlin on The Voice? Forget it...That was then and this is now. While The Voice is getting some credit as launching Champlin's career, this determined singer / songwriter has been banging out some quality material for some time. The Champlin resume includes piano on the last Michael Jackson release and touring with Glen Frey...credibility is not a factor here. Perhaps Champlin's biggest score has been teaming up with singer / songwriter Steve Gallagher. The end result is a release that is packed with diversity and showcases the immense talent of this rising star.

Instead of prefabricated material that might be reminiscent of the "corporate rock" phase that the music business finally shook off, Champlin pulls from a myriad of influences that makes pop music interesting again! Each track is unique while nothing ever seems out of place or bordering on the pretentious. In terms of vocals, Will Champlin should quickly rise to the head of the pack. The ballad "Breathe" may be the hidden gem on Borrowing Trouble but given the diversity in sound it would be like asking a parent to pick their favorite child. A Middle Eastern vibe on "Eye of The Pyramid" plays well against the rocking "No Fair Game." Will Champlin has also made magnificent marketing use of social media. While other artists are giving their "expert" opinion on what is wrong with the world, Will Champlin has built up a legion of loyal and dedicated followers via social media. A rare occurrence.

Steve Gallagher would seem to be the perfect foil as writing partner. Despite some critics noting a lack of "charisma" there is a likeability factor that makes sincerity a real and tangible asset to go along side some amazing talent. Rock, pop, indie, singer / it whatever makes you feel good but talent wins out every time and Will Champlin delivers!