Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Liver Chronicles...An Update

An update for my readers...

Things have been better...and they could be a great deal worse so I am grateful.

The tumors on my liver are not responding to treatment and an additional tumor was found with an ultrasound yesterday. I talked my way out of being admitted and may have bought myself a couple of weeks of what I consider freedom. A hospital is no place for sick people...

My encephalopathy is getting worse, I am on the best medication you can possibly get but I still get confused and my temper is shorter than it ever has been (some would say how can you tell? haha.). There is no "get well soon" in my future. There is always fight and there is always hope as I continue to try and write and express my thoughts on music and this insidious soul siege that I am currently under...I don't lose often but I am smart enough to know when to say when. This is in the back of my mind and while I don't want to walk away, my body has other ideas.

I continue to receive words of encouragement and thanks for what I have "done" for the music business...I haven't done anything. The artists do all the work. I just hope I can excite some people the way some of these artists have excited me. It is my passion...perhaps my only passion. To share this has been and continues to be a great joy and a reason I get out of bed each day.

Your donations have been and continue to be a blessing that words can not begin to express. Your messages of encouragement are equally appreciated...Someone cares. This is why I champion the Independent artists. I want them to know someone cares.

I appreciate your tolerance as my road is getting more difficult with each passing day. I'm luckier than most...I have done more living in 52 yrs than some folks thirty years my senior. I wouldn't change a thing...

Be well,