Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Liver Chronicles Takes A Sabbatical....

I am on sabbatical...

I am off the clock while watching it every second as Thursday morning at 9:30 I find out where my next journey with liver cancer takes me. I was diagnosed with advanced liver disease a little over a year ago. Sad if not ironic thing being that a diseased liver goes into over time in an attempt to work and by doing so...liver cancer is almost a given.  (Short and simplified version)

I took it to the next level by developing hepatocellular carcinoma. Rare, tiny and lethal cancer cells. I have four malignant tumors. You can only have 3 for a transplant. Now I have to beat cancer...

I am worn out, beat down and simply unable to do justice to most any artist for the next week, maybe longer. Thursday is a huge day for me, my whole future is up in the air. All I want to do is review music...Sometimes life is not fair.

I'll be around. I will post the odd press release but I need to back off.

If you are so inclined my medical fund can desperately use your help, contribution size does not matter as pennies make dollars. I could also use your help in sharing this.

My medical fund widget will remain open on my home page here at or you can use pay pal and the email address

I will update this after my appointment, later Friday night.

Think good thoughts.

Be well,