Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Liver Chronicles Count Down To Cancer

My cancer game face...
I was beating back liver disease and holding my own...There were some bumps in the road but little by little things began falling apart. I knew something was horribly wrong. I could feel it. One MRI later and I was told I have Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Scared? You bet.
4 tumors on my liver.
You can only have three tumors to qualify for transplant. Even if we kill one tumor they are small but incredibly lethal tumors and the likelihood they have spread is fairly significant. If I beat cancer then I may qualify for a transplant. Problem is there are thousands on the waiting list and I could wind up nothing more than a statistic that died while waiting. This is all some heavy news. I followed my diet, I've taken my meds, I've done everything asked of me and the reality is sometimes it is not enough.
Earcandy Cabs has made a cherry rig pictured on my home page that you can buy a chance to win. Chances are ten bucks. The cab is worth say $450 bucks easy...All the money comes straight to me. I need it. I need the help desperately as the news on June 5th is not expected to be great. It is reality. The prognosis for HCC is incredibly poor. I have beaten the odds all my life. Luck only gets you so far. I've been taking a little more time off as things are worsening. If you know me then you know time off is something I never take. Weekends, holidays, liver disease...I keep moving. I am not about to roll over and wait to die...
I wanted to thank Earcandy along with the wonderful people that have donated to my medical fund. This fund is on going, no expiration. I thought this would have been over and my disability would have been awarded but the Government has other ideas. My lawyer now wants me to do her job and get more paper work to justify an emergency hearing before a judge. The amount of responsibility now placed on my shoulders and in this position is at times unbearable.
This is why any contribution means so much. It's not the cost of the gift, it is the sincerity with which it is given...
Be well,