Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Liver Chronicles - Can't Keep A Well Meaning Critic Down

 A quick thank you to those of you that sent messages, hookers, etc...during my recent health scare. I was in really bad shape for 48 hours but mid yesterday all my blood work flipped back to "acceptable" levels.

Bad news...they discovered more cancer cells. More tests coming. I got my hand slapped for working too hard. I also was on the tail end ( pardon the pun )of two prostrate exams in less than an hour (now I know what a bad review feels like). Not sure if one had something to do with the other or not...The chicks were smoking hot and my floor nurse was a total MILF and yes...I am a pig. But you knew that.

The medical fund can always use your help here on the home page. Use the funding widget or pay pal. Many thanks!