Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Best of 2014 So Far Is Coming!

Well...not exactly.

One huge pain for critics are the "Best of" lists which are officially being done away with at this site. To anoint a particular release as "Best" when taste is of course subjective is a bit much. Due largely to health concerns there will be a list of 25 releases published in the next day or two which cover "my favorites." The criteria will break down pretty much as follows:

1.) Personal favorites
2.) Releases outside my wheelhouse but so well done that you can not help but enjoy them.
3.) Artists deserving of wider recognition

When I go to the hospital for treatments I take an MP3 player with what I am listening to for the year. I am simply sharing my favorites. I would encourage you to review the list and do a little research because you may wind up finding an artist you really enjoy but perhaps would have otherwise passed on.

I appreciate virtually all the artists I review. If they didn't make music then I would not have much to write about.

More news...
As the year is essentially half over the amount of reviews will begin to decline gradually over time. I have responded reasonably well to some treatment while turning around and spending two days in intensive care recently. Things are indeed unsettled. I appreciate your patience and understanding as I begin to move to close out the year and sadly this site. I hope to continue to dabble in some electronic publishing including a Kindle book however I have resigned myself to the fact that everything is "health permitting." I also plan on taking a more active roll in the Liver Foundation here in Louisville, "health permitting." Ideally I would like to leave open the possibility for some "special" reviews and publicist work opens the door for others and I need to learn how to say no sometime. Walking away is hard but you have to know when to say when...

Liver cancer is no joke...Be well,