Monday, June 16, 2014

Terje Lie Bright Moments TCat 2014

Terje Lie scores big with a soulful and soul filled journey to the land of rhythm and groove!
Brent Black /
Today the United States Postal Service brought me tidings of great joy which shall be to all people...on July 15.
Ever hear some good buzz on movie only to find out the trailer was the best part. Buzz began leaking out concerning this recording months ago and don't believe the buzz because it is way better! One of the most dynamic contemporary saxophonists expands on a previous relationship with producers Jimmy Haslip and Jeff Lorber to find that contemporary fusion happy place that so many search for but few ever reach. There is a definite groove to the music, a fire and ice intensity that unites a myriad of influences with an amazing lyrical sense of purpose.
Both Haslip and Lorber perform as well as produce and cameos from such heavy weights as Michael Landau and Vinnie Colaiuta simply seal the deal that this is not the typical mass produced contemporary instrumental music that has been sanitized for your protection. A particular standout track "Jungle" is a funked out jam where Lie hits a Maceo Parker meets David Sanborn vibe that is also found within a slightly dialed down but equally "groovy" tune in "You Know." The tune "Storm Skies" is that rare funk that has a beat you hear with your feet! While there is a definite ebb and flow the positive energy of all the musical co-conspirators borders on contagious. Make no mistake, this is not the critically acclaimed Urban Vacation and comparisons to previous releases are inherently unfair to any artist. Bright Moments is just that, a vibrant excursion to nu-style contemporary jazz.
Terje Lie has one foot in the past but a keen vision for the future. Bright Moments should be a leading contender for album of the year. The best one word review? Flawless!
Tracks: Storm Skies; Big Surf; Bright Moments; Daybreak; You Know; Islands; A Special Thing; Santa Anas; Pancakes; Jungle.
Personnel: Terje Lie: Soprano, Alto Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet; Jeff Lorber: Keyboards, Guitar; Jimmy Haslip: Electric Bass and Percussion; Tony Moore: Drums (except 3 & 4).
Additional Musicians: Michael Landau: Guitar (2, 6, 10); Marlon McClain: Guitar (9); Jeff Richman: Guitar (1); Michael Thompson: El. & Acoustic Guitar (3); Lenny Castro: Percussion (3 & 7); Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums (4); Gary Novak: Drums (3).