Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rob Mullins Soulful 2014

Soulful is a textured lyrical vision, Rob Mullins is at the top of his game! 

Brent Black /

When you want something done it yourself. Rob Mullins has taken this sage bit of wisdom to a new dimension with the release of his 28th and perhaps finest recording to date, Soulful. Mullins goes back to the future with a retro R & B flavor wrapped up in a tight contemporary presentation. Groove filled R & B hooks up with neo soul for a unique sound that embraces an ambient contemporary flair seldom heard in a market where the difference between most artists can be measured by a sheet of paper.

Rob Mullins gets by with the help of some friends...two. Jimmy Roberts literally phoned in some stellar saxophone for the jazz nasty "Slinky" while Carla Cupertino drops some impressive vocals on three tracks including the title track "Soulful." Everything else is a Rob Mullins joint with drum samples built by hand, custom bass sounds thanks to Logic Software, and of course the electric piano, synth, and piano work all meticulously laid out by Mullins. The end result finds a soulful and soul filled welcome to the land of rhythm and groove with tracks such as "Traveler" and "City Nights." Soulful is broken up with flash fried funk of "The Chase" and the aptly titled "Dance Floor" which shows off Mullins prolific skills as both producer and arranger.

I've been tough on contemporary instrumental artists simply because I am tired of being tossed the same melodically meatless bone that every other act has already chewed on. Fresh off the critically acclaimed straight ahead release True, Rob Mullins continues to innovate and lead the charge for the sound that contemporary instrumental music executives have told me they are looking for but oddly enough have no one to play that lyrical vision...Look no further!

Already one of my favorites for 2014!
Tracks: Traveler; Soulful; Sexy; The Chase; I Love You; Spice; Slinky; City Nights; Heart; Happiness; Dancefloor; Duke.
Produced, arranged, composed, performed and mixed by Rob Mullins.
Jimmy Roberts: Sax (7)
Carla Cupertino: Vocals (2,3,12)
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