Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rallidae Paper Birds Orange Grove 2014

Rallidae | Paper Birds

Experimental folk jazz with a beatnik twist...

Brent Black /

Call it what you will, Rallidae may well be one of the most exciting vocal ensembles to come along in years. Mad potential and a sound uniquely their own should have improvisational vocal enthusiasts drawn to this group in short order. Paper Birds is a intelligent if not short introduction to a sound and style that is not exactly new, but it is rarely performed at this level straight out of the box. The improvisational vocal community has now been put on notice as the bar has just been raised.

Tone, texture and a deceptively nuanced free form approach adds a vocal depth rare for most trios. Angela Morris has a pristine voice and a command of the tenor saxophone that is most impressive by any critical standards. Vocalist Alex Samaras provides a whimsical counterpoint while vocalist and acoustic bassist Scott Colberg provides the final thread of this most unusual of vocal mosaics.

This is an ensemble that defies genre as they chart their own harmonic course down the lyrical road less traveled. Accessible yet far reaching with a free form interpretation that has the ability to transfix the listener. A brilliant introduction to some rising stars!

Tracks: I had imagined them, unthinkingly; Prettier; Smells like piant; Long time