Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rahsaan Barber and The Megaphones are Kick Starting A Dream!

Allow me to plunk this one string banjo one more time...
I have a long and well documented history of trying to help Independent artists get noticed and or raise funds for their projects.

Produced by Rahsaan Barber who is an A list saxophonist I give you The Megaphones.

Here is the kicker...I know Rahsaan. I sat down and talked with him at length at the JEN Conference held here in Louisville. Rahsaan Barber is as knowledgeable, articulate and professional as they come and...a cool guy. Nashville has a thriving jazz scene due largely to his creative efforts and one of his projects The Megaphones needs your help.

If they are that good then why doesn't a label front them the cash? Have you heard the news? The record industry has gone Independent and the pie is now that much smaller. Check out this link. Don't think you can not make a difference because group funding is just that, pennies make dollars and dollars build dreams.

Don't let your cultural heritage be influenced by anyone other than your own taste. Please check out the link and help if you can. You can also share this on any social media outlet. This can happen. It is all up to you!

Many thanks!