Monday, June 30, 2014

Peter Gunn Harmonie Ensemble / New York Steven Richman Harmonia Mundi

Henry Mancini's ground breaking release Music for Peter Gunn gets a second chance at like thanks to the Harmonie Ensemble of New York!
Brent Black /
In 1958, Henry Mancini revolutionized the small screen with his improvisationally based score for the television detective show Peter Gunn. The Grammy nominated Harmonie Ensemble under the direction of Steven Richman is bringing the score back, tweaking the sound and presenting it for the next generation of fans. The harmonic base line is relatively unchanged while the arrangements for some of the compositions are give a slightly more contemporary feel. The original score was inspired from the West Coast cool sound made famous by artists such as Gerry Mulligan and Stan Getz.
Steven Richman hails from New York and with that background there is a more orchestrated approach that some would consider A typical of The Big Apple. The amazing aspect of the release is that despite some "tweaking" the melodic integrity of the work remains constant. Thanks to some eclectic instrumentation choice there lyrical flow only seems heightened as was the case some forty five years ago.
Personnel: Reeds - Mark Gross (Alto Sax, Flute); Lawrence Feldman (Alto Sax, Flute); Lew Tabackin (Tenor Sax, Alto Flute); Lino Gomez (Tenor Sax, Alto Flute); Ronnie Cuber: Baritone Sax); Trumpets - Lew Soloff; Dominck Derasse; Joe Giorgianni; Stanton Davis; French Horns - RJ Kelley; Alexandra Cook; Eric Davis; David Peel; Trombone: Larry Farrell; John Fedchock; Mark Patterson; Frank Cohen; Guitar: Bob Mann; Vibes: Christos Rafalides; Piano: Lincoln Mayorga; Bass Francois Moutin; Drums: Victor Lewis.