Monday, June 30, 2014

Night In Calisa Randy Brecker Wlodek Pawlik Adam Klocek Zaiks 2012

The perfect mix of old world classical with an improvisational master, Night In Calisia is flawless!
Brent Black /
The word virtuoso is tossed around in music with little regard for the true meaning. In the performing arts a virtuoso is an individual that posses extreme technical expertise. While trumpet legend Randy Brecker is a master technician, he is also one of the most gifted lyrical players on the planet. A Night In Calisa is a celebration of 1850 year anniversary of Kalisz which happens to be the oldest city in Poland.
To attempt to marry improvisational music with the more traditional scored work of the Wlodek Pawlik could be considered the equivalent of tap dancing in a harmonic minefield. You know something is going to blow up, you just don't know when. There is a highly emotive quality that all musical co-conspirators bring to the table.
Fire and ice, Randy Brecker is the perfect storm as the Kalisz Philharmonic work with a vivid color palette of sound one can touch. There is a synergy created between Brecker and the Wlodek Pawlik trio, a universal set of musical truths reinforced with conductor Adam Klocek pushing the Kalisz Philharmonic to new heights.
Some ask why review back catalog material? Why not? Great music has no expiration date. There are those that refer to the "hybrid" created with this recording as chamber jazz. The sound is far too deep in texture to easily fit the self imposed limitations of genre.
Simply listen...This may well be Randy Brecker's finest work to date.
Tracks: Night In Calisia; Amber Road; Orienthology; Follow The Stars; Quarrel Of The Roman Merchants; Forgotten Song.
Personnel: Randy Brecker: Trumpet
Wlodek Pawlik Trio:
Wlodek Pawlik: Piano; Cezary Konrad: Drums; Pawel Panta: Bass, Electric Bass.
Kalisz Philharmonic Orchestra: Adam Klocek: Conductor