Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Neville Staple Ska Crazy Cleopatra 2014

You are on notice as the original rude boy and music revolutionary Neville Staple is back!
Brent Black /
The former front man for The Specials and Fun Boy 3 is back to take care of some unfinished business as Neville Staple has gone Ska Crazy! As a full service music critic allow me to hip the uninitiated as to just what Ska is all about. Ska can be traced back to the fifties and is the grandfather of what we know as Reggae. The sound? A Caribbean gumbo of calypso, western improvisation and rhythm and blues. The back beat was a walking bass line accenting the rhythm on the upbeat. Theory class is now over so let us move on.
Ska crazy is a full on mix of the old and new. Tight covers of such classics as "Time Longer Than Rope" from Prince Buster and "Johnny Too Bad" from the Slickers. The new compositions feature "Rude Boy Returns" and the gritty socially conscious "Roadblock." The single "Roadblock" is a smoldering number, classic Neville Staple that warns of the dangers of drugs and street life. Horns and guitar, more hooks than a fisherman's hat and you have Ska crazy boiled to the essence of what the legendary vocalist is all about.
The danger in making a record such as this is losing the original swag and flavor that made bands like The Specials so important in music. Neville Staple and a rock steady band are on point every step of the way and the Jamaican enthusiast should eat this up with a spoon!
Tracks: Time Longer Than Rope; Roadblock; The Farmyard Connection; Play A Song For Me; Hypocrite; Johnny Too Bad; Rude Boy Returns; Wet Dream; Rub Up Push Up; Girl.
Bonus Dub Mixes
Roadblock Dub Mix
The Farmyard Connection Dub Mix
Play A Song For Me Dub Mix
Girl Dub Mix