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Music Beyond Boundaries / Simon Thacker's Ritmata

Music Beyond Boundaries from Simon Thacker's Ritmata

A Made in Scotland Showcase Music Event at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014
15th 16th 17th and 21st 22nd 23rd August 2014 at 9.30pm (1 hour) £10/8
The Cafe, Summerhall (venue 26),
1 Summerhall Place, Edinburgh EH9 1QH, 0131 560 1581,
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We can rightly expect many dazzling highlights at 2014’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but one beacon of Scottish artistic accomplishment is expected to shine particularly brightly. The Made in Scotland Showcase this year will feature the nation’s most imaginative practitioners in music, dance and drama exploring landscapes beyond the cutting edge. 

Simon Thacker’s Ritmata, already widely admired for their cross-cultural innovations and genre defying invention, will feature prominently by playing six nights over two weeks at Summerhall. Their music has been widely acclaimed, with The Scotsman highlighting a "startling virtuosity" and The Herald recognising "instrumental mastery". That is undoubtedly true, but even that fulsome praise doesn't prepare you for the power of this tremendous four-piece.

Classical guitar virtuoso and composer Simon Thacker leads a stellar group of gifted musicians consisting of Paul Harrison (piano), Mario CaribĂ© (bass) and Stu Brown (drums/percussion) in an exploration of undiscovered musical possibilities. Together, they are so at ease in virtually any musical mode that terms like jazz, classical and traditional melt within Thacker’s singular vision.

That hasn't gone unnoticed: Eastern Eye newspaper has described him as a "master musician and renowned of the most talented musicians in the UK" and Canada's World Music Report said "his artistry seems to soar above that of most mere mortals."

Simon Thacker’s compositions for Ritmata source musical inspiration from every corner of the globe. As a group, they flit expertly between Middle-Eastern intensity, medieval meditation, Native American affirmation and the celebrations of Sephardic Judaism. The results, however, are more than mere synthesis. Stunning original patterns are woven seamlessly into a new aural fabric, and the outcome is informed music for a brave new world of global sounds.

Simon Thacker is a visionary composer who has consistently broken new ground with Ritmata in the creation of music with authentic global meaning. A quest for personal and musical growth continues with the exclusive world premiere of exciting new works by Simon Thacker for the Made in Scotland Showcase, curated to expose the greatest Scottish artists to international audiences and promoters. Audiences can expect the delicious shock of the new alongside a further dismantling of musical boundaries and total immersion in creative expression. 

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