Friday, June 13, 2014

Mitch Haupers Invisible Cities 2014

Berklee College Music faculty member Mich Haupers has released a recording of linear development matched with an elegant simplicity of old world charm. Simply stunning!

Brent Black /

To further explain the linear development of Invisible Cities, imagine the linear lines converging into concentric circles. A harmonic three dimensional sound of colors, shapes, textures in which the listen can choose their path or none at all. The deceptively subtle sense of sophistication moves western improvisational music and classical to new depth of character with global references from Brazil, a distinctive European flair and an understated influence moving out of the shadows of traditional jazz.

While age is but a number (like meter) impact of a debut release from Mich Haupers is as auspicious and note worth as any release since perhaps Scenes In The City, the 1984 debut for the young Marsalis. Joinging Mitch Haupers we have Peter Erskine on drums, Bob Minter handling woodwinds, Alan Pasqua plays piano and Derek Oles round out the rhyhm section. A true collective. Bob Mintzer shines in perhaps his most delicate and understated performance with "Isa Mujeres." A rather vibrant 6/4 number "Veronica's Lake" accentuates the lyrical finesse with Mintzer again rising to the occasion. The potent melodicism of Oles kicks off "Downtime," While this is arguably one of the most formidable 4tets, Mich Haupers conducts a harmonic exploratory with a distinct lyrical sense of purpose, Bill Evans come to mind.

Finesse, sophistication and an understated elegance makes Invisible Cities a triumph!

Special Guests: Isabelle Oliver: Harp; Brook Derosa: Voice; Mike Miller: Brazilian Guitar; Russell Ferrante: Piano; Jimmy Haslip: Electric Bass.
Tracks: Veronica's Lake; Downtime; Isla Mujeres; Invisible Cities; Leoa.
Four Minor Love Songs Suite:
1. Take Comfort
2. The Farmer and The Monarch
3. Love, So Silent
4.Beacon Street
Waltz For Bill; P.S. Vita (Reprise)
Special Thanks To Michael Bloom of Michael Bloom Media