Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lucky Peterson The Son Of A Bluesman Jazz Village 2014

The personification of passion. Lucky Peterson doesn't sing the blues, he lives it!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
Discovered by Willie Dixon, Lucky Peterson has a ridiculous cult following and wide spread critical acclaim while never cracking what some would call the commercial glass ceiling. Purists would argue that the blues and commercial viability are two mutually exclusive concepts. Blues purists will delight in knowing that The Son Of A Bluesman is perhaps Peterson's most ambitious and highly personal recording while still having the ability to turn heads from those that thought the blues was hiding out in the musical witness protection program.
The blues has changed dramatically over the last thirty years. Traditional blues has been watered down, reformulated, and fused with a handful of other genres only to have fans come full circle to an artist such as Lucky Peterson. Scorching guitar, soul searing organ play and vocals that go straight to the heart all sum up the sound of what may well be the blues release of 2014. Power packed original tunes are off set with some interesting if not eclectic covers such as "I Can See Clearly Now" and the Wilson Pickett standard "Funky Broadway." The straight up and straight ahead burner "You Lucky Dog" closes this gem allowing Peterson ample room to show why he is perhaps the only legitimate triple threat in blues today.
Life has not been easy for Lucky Peterson. Having battled some demons as of late and now comfortably in the drivers seat, Lucky Peterson's musical stock is indeed an arrow pointing straight up!
Tracks: Blues In My Blood; Funky Broadway; Nana Jarnell; I Pity The Fool; Boogie-Woogie Blues Joint Party; I'm Still Here; The Son of A Bluesman; I Can See Clearly Now; Joy; You Lucky Dog; I'm Still Here (Gospel).
Personnel: Lucky Peterson: Guitar, Vocal, Hammon B3; Tamara Stoval Peterson: Background Vocals: 1, 8, 11; Shawn Kellerman: Guitar; Timothy Waites; Bass; Raul Valdes: Drums; Bill Eden: Saxophone: 4, 10; Chris Curiel: Trumpet: 4, 10; Calvin Sexton: Trombone: 4,10; Bahiyyahn Stovall Moss: Background Vocals: 1,8,11; Faith Jefferson Houston: Background Vocals: 1,8,11; Lucki Azariah Peterson: Background Vocals: 1,8,11; Lashonda Reese: Background Vocals: 1,8,11; Corey Layton: Talking Vocals: 2; Remon Hearn: Keyboards and Hammond B3: 11; Faith Jefferson Houston: Vocals: 11; Greg Smith: Vocals: 1