Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lotus Blossom Jeff Colella & Putter Smith American Jazz Institute 2014

Beauty, elegance, and a quiet grace remind one that a simple unadorned melody and how it can touch the soul is the reason we both play and enjoy music, Jeff Colella and Putter Smith get that.
Brent Black /
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and nowhere can this very simple yet powerful premise be more appreciated than with their latest release, Lotus Blossom. A bold collection of timeless standards and original with a distinct lyrical sense of purpose that elevate what would be stereotypically be an ordinary duet into an extraordinary harmonic experience.
The soul searing beauty of compositions such as Bill Evans "Time Remembered" and "All Blues" from Miles Davis are pulled from that special inner place far past the soul. Other emotive portraits of lyrical bliss include "The Very Thought of You" and "Lotus Blossom." What separates Lotus Blossom from a tightly clustered pack of predictability would be more than the obvious technical proficiency with which Colella and Smith attack their craft. There is a unique and rare synergy that occurs with both artists responding to the melodic flow occurring within each composition.
Lotus Blossom is a celebration of the soul and spirit of beauty that moves within music. Jeff Colella and Putter Smith are simply along for the ride as the lyrical vehicle from which such breathtaking expression is born.
Tracks: Desert Passages; Time Remembered; The Very Thought of You; All Blues; Candle; You Must Believe In Spring; Gone Too Soon; Lotus Blossom.
Personnel: Jeff Colella: Piano; Putter Smith: Bass