Thursday, June 5, 2014

Larry Golding Peter Bernstein Bill Stewart Ramshackle Serenade Pirouet 2014

Larry Goldings makes the organ trio sexy again! Ramshackle Serenade smolders with passion!
Brent Black /
Today organ trios are a dime a dozen, they come and ultimately go through the music industries revolving door of the flavor of the month. Good organ trios are like chewing gum, the flavor is gone after about ten minutes. Larry Golding's Ramshackle Serenade is a visceral manipulation of melody and swing where standard and originals come together as one. The undeniable harmonic synergy of this ensemble creates a unified voice that embraces the soulful and soul-filled groove that pushes an average release to the next harmonic level of dynamic wonder.
Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication...Soul goes right to the bone. The covers include "Luiza" from Antonio Carlos Jobim and "Peace" from Horace Silver, each handled with care as the melodies are not mangled but lyrically enhanced by this most eclectic of improvisational collectives. Originals of note include "Simple As That" from Peter Bernstein and "Blue Sway" from Bill Stewart. Larry Goldings original "Roach" opens the release and sets the table for the ebb and flow to follow.  Dynamics roll and meters shift while staying clear from the pretentious harmonic abysses that similar groups have found and sadly camped out in for years.
This is an improvisation smorgasbord with swing, soul and a blues infusion that seems to permeate the entire recording. Larry Goldings is not a leader with three after thoughts but instead perhaps the hot ticket on the Hammond organ that gives his own lyrical voice up on occasion to simply enhance the vibe of what is one of the better recordings for 2014. This is classic old school organ trio elevated to a new millennium level of melodic intensity. It really doesn't get much better!
Tracks: Roach; Luiza; Simple As That; Ramshackle Serenade; Mr. Meagles; Sweet and Lovely; Blue Sway; Useless Metaphor; Peace.
Personnel: Larry Goldings: Hammond B3; Peter Bernstein: Guitar; Bill Stewart: Drums.
Special Thanks To Michael Bloom of Michael Bloom Media Relations!