Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gerald Albright Slam Dunk Concord 2014

Grammy nominated Gerald Albright raises his game to new heights with Slam Dunk!
Brent Black /
The evolution of the contemporary instrumental titan Gerald Albright continues with an everything but the kitchen sink recording, Slam Dunk! The key to Albright's continued success is built around consistency but the key to Slam Dunk would be flipping the script by bringing the bass, flute and horns to the forefront to enhance that Motown meets Philly vibe that has become synonymous with one of contemporary instrumental music's most dedicated performers.
This soulful and soul filled gem has Albright showing off some mad skills both as a bassist and arranger as the set list includes classics from Phil Collins and a blistering riff on the James Brown classic "It's A Man's Man's Man's World." The legendary Peabo Bryson drops by for a cameo on the tender ballad "Where Did We Go Wrong?" Another key to success would be as opposed to the more formulated contemporary releases with the same cast of musical co-conspirators, Gerald Albright hand picks the band so the chemistry runs equal with the music which results with Slam Dunk as the saxophonists finest release yet. Moving away from the predictable has the Phil Collins cover of "True Colors" running along the R & B tip without mangling the original melody or lyrical intent that fans have grown to love. The title track "Slam Dunk" is an old fashioned Philly infused burner made new school by the incredible musicianship of Albright.
The arrangements are tight. The sound is fat. The soul is from the heart.
The aptly titled Slam Dunk is just that...
The release date is Aug. 5th but I would start thinking pre-order now as Gerald Albright fans will snatch this up quick!
Tracks: Slam Dunk; True Colors; Because of You; It's A Man's Man's Man's World; The Duke; Sparkle In Your Eyes Interlude; Sparkle In Your Eyes; Where Did We Go Wrong?; Fiesta Interlude; Split Decision; The Gospel Interlude; The Gospel.