Saturday, June 21, 2014

Critical Jazz Personal Favorites (Not Best Of) For 2014 So Far!

My current favorites for 2014...This list will NOT change and will be updated later in the year with another 25 releases added. If an artist has released a recording and is not on this list, they could show up on the next addition.

The additions are in place and the list is final. These are my personal favorites from the over 2000 reviews I did this year. I hate these. I am not saying one person or one band is better than someone else. You always forget someone. I am saying these are releases worthy of note and releases that I feel anyone (with reasonable taste) would find incredibly entertaining. I thank all of these people. Now...let the bad feelings begin! (Someone always gets upset).

In no particular order!

Clovis Nicolas - Nine Stories
Down To The Bone - Dig It
Hiromi - Alive
George Colligan - Ask Me Tomorrow
JC Sanford - Views From The Inside
JD Allen - Bloom
Tohpati- Tribal Dance
SoHo Rentals - Metanoia
Kris Berg & Metroplexity Big Band - Time Management
Adam Levy - Town & Country
Tristan - Full Power
Steve Khan - Subtext
Denny Zeitlin - Stairway To The Stars
Terje Lie - Bright Moments
Harvey Mason - Chameleon
Antonio Adolfo - Rio Choro Jazz
Kekko Fornarelli - Outrush
Rich Pellegrin Quintet - Episode IV-VI
Danilo Perez - Panama 500
Alfredo Rodriguez - The Invasion Parade
Pete Brendler - Outside The Line
James Brandon Lewis - Divine Travels
Ivo Perelman - Two Men Walking
Jon Irabagon - It Takes All Kinds
Perry Beekman - Bewitched (The Music of Rodgers & Hart)
Rob Mullins - Soulful
Miho Wada Jazz Orchestra - Live At The Lab
On Impulse - Derier Cru
Jeff Coffin & The Mu'tet - Side Up
Marco Pacassoni Quartet - Happiness
U/Nam - C'est Le Funk
Joao Hasselberg - The Truth Must Be Given In Riddles
Tom Tallitsch - Ride
Rotem Sivan - For Emotional Use Only *Artist and Album of the Year
Ichiro Onoe - Wind Child
Ada Rovatti - Disguise
Traeben - Looking At The Storm
Eric Johnson / Mike Stern - Eclectic
Eric Reed - Groovewise
Jeremy Pelt - Face Forward
Kenny Shanker- Action
Rich Pellegrin Quartet Vol. 4-6
Assaf Khati - Naked
Kenny Barron & Dave Holland - The Art of Conversation
Eyot - Similarity
Yoo Sun Nam Quintet - Light of The City
Stanley Clarke - Up
Myriad 3 - The Where
Brian Charette - Square One
Tim Langedijk Trio - Acenja

Label of the Year - Concord Music
Straight Ahead - Posi-Tone & HighNote Savant