Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chris Thompson Toys & Dishes 2014

Chris Thompson makes indie rock cool again!
Brent Black /
Who? Let me try again...There are still a lot of us from "back in the day" that remember the unbelievable shows that Manfred Mann's Earth Band would play. Time passes, talent doesn't (until we all play that final encore). Since, Manfred Mann's critically acclaimed vocalist and guitarist Chris Thompson has gone on to sing on record with Roger Daltry, Def Leppard and Toto. Live performances have included gigs with Elton John, Annie Lennox, and Michael McDonald. Now that we are caught up on the musical resume and legacy of Chris Thompson let us move on to the new record, Toys & Dishes.
Some might call Toys & Dishes "roots music" as it skirts any genre specific tag critics might be inclined to slap on without a serious listen. Rock, alternative rock, indie pop, and the list goes on if categorization happens to be your thing. This is one of those rare "not a bad track" recordings that will do incredibly well thanks to word of mouth. There are those critics that would and perhaps will immediately dismiss Toys & Dishes as music you could hear in any bar or club on most any given night and you can but not played at this high level of proficiency.
Labels are for cans of soup. Good music has no expiration date and can be tied down by genre!
Tracks: Million $ Wonder Hit; Millie Christine; Eddie Wants To Rock; Dark Side Interlude; Dark Side; Hey You!; Dream Away Little Girl; You're The One I Love; Sad Song Wishes (One Moment); Talk To Me; We Run; Woe Is Me.