Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Amon Duul II Duulirium Cleopatra 2014

After sitting out for over two decades the most influential German prog rock band is back, Amon Duul II!
Brent Black /
The music business is built around the same concept as professional sports, "What have you done for me lately?" To lay out just two years could be a death blow to some bands, to lay out over twenty years and come back as good or perhaps better is simply unthinkable. Cleopatra has dropped some limited edition 180 gram reissues of vinyl from the amazing Amon Duul II in celebration of their new release Duulirium!
The rumors of the death of prog rock have been greatly exaggerated and the importance of the 1969 debut release Phallus Dei under appreciated. Three original members are back allowing the intense core of this harmonic attack to remain vibrant and inventive. Chris Karrer on guitar and violin, John Weinzier on guitar and Renate Knaup on vocals could easily function as an avant gard prog rock power trio but the addition of Lothar Meid on bass and Daniel Fichelscher on drums allow the right rhythmic kick to enhance the natural evolution of these German legends. Don't let the cover art fool you, this is not metal. This is a sonic mind melt, an intense melodic excursion into cerebral possibilities that few bands have the skill to pull off as newbies much less as veterans.  
King Crimson on steroids? Maybe not a fair comparison or even accurate to a certain degree but then again artistic comparisons are inherently dangerous by nature. For those prog rock aficionados that like to take a more historical approach to their music, this is vintage made new. A masterful take on an influential sound. Nothing to grind on here.
Tracks: On The Highway; Du Kommst Ins Heim; Standing In The Shadow; Back To The Rules/Walking To The Park.
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