Monday, June 23, 2014

Ada Rovatti Disguise Piloo 2014

Ada Rovatti shows off the ease of multiple harmonic personalities coming together!
Brent Black /
I've been following Ada Rovatti for a considerable length of time having discovered her amazing talent of the Grammy winning effort from Randy Brecker 34th n' Lex which took home the prize for best Contemporary Jazz Album for 2003. Now Brecker does a guest shot on Disguise which is a triumphant showcase of the exponential growth of a rising star and one of the releases that could easily play the role of spoiler on the next Grammy go round.
Seven of the ten tunes are originals are an improvisational smorgasbord of jazz, funk, rock, and Latin flavors all maintaining a cohesive balance and eclectic sensibility to keep things fresh and popping! Covers can make or break a release and the breathy free form into to "Smile" sets the lyrical table for a slightly blues infused melancholy riff on one of the most covered tunes of all time, the Sonny Rollins meets Ben Webster approach borders on stunning. The full tune morphs into a rich harmonic declaration of lyrical independence as Rovatti does a syncopated exploration from a slightly more avant garde place that few artists would attempt. Imaginative, lyrically focused yet floating just outside the expected harmonic norm, Ada Rovatti's arrangement shows yet another side to her melodic personality. Covering "Stairway To Heaven" can be a stroke of genius or lyrical suicide. The cannon like intro is captivating and cutting edge, a stroke of musical genius to be sure. Adam Rogers on guitar and Randy Brecker on trumpet seal the deal on a textured arrangement that transcends genre. Rogers is on fire, Randy Brecker is the perfect counterpoint for Rovatti. "TBA" is a funky little jazz nasty that is alive with a melodic drive and rhythmic back beat that is addictive.
Mutiple melodic personalities would not be an affliction for which Rovatti should seek treatment. The band is tight, the sound is fresh, and the lyrical drive is intense. The exponential growth of Ada Rovatti since her last release as a leader in 2009 is off the charts! The Rovatti tone is unique, fat and breathy with phrasing that reinvents covers and allows new compositions to take flight. An absolute sleeper, Disguise will have critical heads snapping in her direction in short order.
Tracks: Ghost Stories; Alone In Traffic; TBA; Smile (Intro); Smile; Moving Forward; Halfway; Tripping Step; Stairway To Heaven; Gentle Giant.
Personnel: Ada Rovatti, Randy Brecker, Dean Brown, Adam Rogers, Zach Brock, Anne Drumond, Dana Hawkins, Leo Genovese, Janek Gwizdala, Oli Rockberger.