Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tristan Full Power ISolder Records 2014

Tristan goes full on and makes contemporary instrumental music sexy again!
Brent Black /
I don't buy into the whole retro sound description that seems to permeate some publications. Good music has no expiration date. What we have with Full Power is a celebration of a sound that has long been sanitized for the listeners protection. Now we have the Dutch band Tristan reminding us just how great real music played on real instruments can be! Are there identifiable harmonic baselines that are recognizable? Sure...Tower of Power, Everything But The Girl and fast forward a couple of decades and you can hear Incognito and the latest incarnation of The Jeff Lorber Fusion but make no mistake, these influences come together to create a dynamic sound that is indeed Tristan.
There is a deceptively subtle acid jazz flavor that pops with tracks such as "Keep On" and "Full Power" while the pop infused side of "Step Into Bright Light" and "Butterfly" could translate into massive crossover potential if American radio can wedge a crow bar into their already all to predictable play list of dead legends and smooth jazz left overs. Upbeat almost danceable grooves reinforce an oddly organic live studio sound that borders on the addictive as compared to some of their contemporaries.
Contemporary instrumental music has taken some lumps, many from this site. When you find a band that is as good as any of their major label counterparts here is the U.S. and a lead vocalist equally as talented then call it old school, retro, or whatever lets you sleep at night. Just don't miss this release. You can check it out for yourself at:
Line-Up: Lead & Backing Vocals: Evelyn Kallansee; Drums: Sebastian Cornelissen; Bass: Frans Vollink; Keys: Coen Molenaar; Guitars: Thomas Bekhuis; Percussion: Martin Gort.
Tracks: Keep On; Moontune; Ego; Step Into Bright Light; Skip This; One In A Billion; Miss Understood; Full Power; Butterfly; Odds To Win; River Flow; New Beginning.