Friday, May 2, 2014

The Wrong Object After The Exhibition MoonJune 2013

The Wrong Object is clearly on the right track with After The Exhibition!
Brent Black /
I have intentionally set out on my own harmonic road less traveled. In an effort to take what I know and what I am comfortable with and expand my horizons, I have stumbled across The Wrong Object. While "labeled" as a prog-rock ensemble, The Wrong Object would have to be the poster band for while labels are for cans of soup. After The Exhibition pulls from compositional origins of Frank Zappa while the melodic execution embraces King Crimson, Alan Holdsworth, The Brecker Brothers and probably thirty other highly acclaimed artists I am leaving out.
After The Exhibition finds the band having moved to a sextet and while the adjustment may seem minuscule to some, the results are amazing! The Wrong Object is now pulling from a deeper color palette and a highly evolved textured approach that finds the band with the ability to seamlessly start, stop and shift dynamics on the proverbial lyrical dime. The saxophone work of Marti Melia and Francois Lourtie should have most free improvisational artists in New York selling their horns. The latest addition of keyboardist Antoine Guenet adds to the intricate rhythmic base line that would seem to be the bands lyrical wheel house despite the fact The Wrong Object never camps out in one area too long and they never get in their own way.
"Detox Gruel" is full metal jazz rock, no quarter given and none asked. The more eclectic "Spanish Fly" showcases an intense yet whimsical clarinet / saxophone duet. If you don't like something just wait, not for the next song but another :30 seconds on the same tune and you will be transported to a new harmonic space / time continuum.  The Wrong Object defies logic, reason and most record labels. The band simply shouldn't work yet it is their artistic vision and integrity that is propelling them to the very top of the "prog-rock" food chain...or jazz / fock fusion...or whatever will let you sleep well at night. Bottom line, it works!
Tracks: Detox Gruel; Spanish Fly; Yantra; Frank Nuts; Jungle Cow Part I; Jungle Cow Part II; Jungle Cow Part III; Glass Cubes; Wrong but Not False; Flashlight into Black Hole; Stammtisch.
Personnel: Michel Delville: guitar, Roland GR-09; Antoine Guenet: keyboards, vocals; Marti Melia: bass, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Francois Lourtie: tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, voice; Pierre Mottet: bass; Laurent Delchambre: drums, percussion, objects, samples; Benoit Moerlen: marimba, electronic vibraphone (2,3,5-7, 11); Susan Clynes: vocals (8).