Monday, May 5, 2014

The Sours Zoze Music 2014

If the Big Apple had an alternative-indie sound then The Sours would be at the top of the list!
Brent Black /
An indie act that drops a debut release with as much potential as The Sours is rare to be sure. Eleven originals that create lyrical snapshots of life that take on a unique organic pulse have The Sours as one of those word of mouth acts that should spread like wildfire once exposed to a wider audience. The songs are melodically deconstructed efforts that take eclectic to a new level. This is a harmonic mosaic of sound and texture drawing from a myriad of influence yet embracing their own artistic integrity.
Vocalist Sarah Schrift has a warm tone and the ability to play catch and release with a note that is rare. Schrift is also an acclaimed visual artist responsible for the striking cover art. This most unique ensemble is rounded off with producer / guitarist Sasha Markovic and pianist Kana Kamitsubo is featured on two tracks. From the raw emotive qualities of "Everwas" to the slightly more soaring ambient vibe of "R For Regret" there is a vast lexicon of sound despite what some might consider a limited harmonic baseline from which to pull.
Somewhere between coffee house music and N.P.R is a lyrical happy place that The Sours are staking their claim to. There is amazing cross over potential here with this musical resume leaving the listener wanting more. If this is not the best alternative indie release for the year then it would certainly stake a legitimate claim to one of the best half dozen.
Tracks: Everwas; Second Stop; GNT; Seawitch; Three Chandeliers; Angie; Survivalist; R For Regret; Kubrick; Wish; Egret.
available on iTunes and Amazon.