Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Rippingtons Featuring Russ Freeman Fountain of Youth Peak 2014

The Rippingtons are not getting older. They are getting better!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
The Rippingtons have been cutting edge from day one and now almost 28 years later they are back with their 20th and arguably finest release to date, Fountain of Youth. As a band the Rippingtons charted a new direction for contemporary instrumental music. Founder and critically acclaimed guitarist Russ Freeman steps center stage to throw down his six string pyrotechnics to add a depth of flavor only touched on with previous recordings. Some of the more eclectic six string additions to the trademark sound of the Rippingtons include pedal steel guitar, mandolin, and a Turkish sitar like instrument that embraces the exotic nature of this stellar release.
This is not the predictable contemporary instrumental one might expect as "Spice Route" opens the release with an odd metered excursion and a percussive flair that sets the mood for an ambient vibe down the harmonic road less traveled. "Fountain of Youth" morphs from the melodic norm into a rock infused number with a blistering pedal steel finish. "Garden of the Gods" touches the more urban techno tip while keeping things fresh and moving.
Rock meets jazz with a global infusion of colors one can hear and an energy that is consistent with the sound Rippington fans have grown up with. An incredibly diverse recording that spans the global network of instrumental exotica. A six string aficionados dream!
Tracks: Spice Route; Rivers of Gold; North Shore; We Will Live Forever; The Sun King; Fountain of Youth; Emerald City; Soul Riders; Waterfalls of Bequia; Garden of The Gods.
Available June 10, 2014