Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Liver Diary Chronicles ... The Critic Achieving Critical Mass

Liver Disease is both frustrating and terrifying all at the same time. One never knows when they head to the doctor or the phone rings if this is the day the doctors will tell you that your time may be fast approaching...No one wins a race against father time and no one can run away from a dying liver.

People tell me "Get well soon!" I know they mean well and in all likelihood these kind folk don't know what else to say. I get that. I don't mean to sound snarky or ungrateful because that doesn't even begin to come close to the appreciation I have for those who are at least trying.

This isn't the flu. I didn't sprain my ankle...There is no quick fix, no "getting better" but there is the faint glimmer of hope with a liver transplant. My team and I are desperately working to that end. In the meantime I get some publicists irked because I didn't fix their mistake in a press release or others simply wanting to know where in the hell their artists review is...I get it from artists as well. I've said it myself, music is a business. And the beat goes on...

I've done well as an Independent writer. Had some blips on my radar, it happens. Life is a 24/7 learning curve. If I have been able to draw more attention to Independent artists and to organ transplant guidelines and how they are different in every state and helped just one person then I will walk away happy. I wasn't necessarily dealt a bad hand in life, I picked some of these cards. I'm going all in now...Go big or go home.

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