Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Liver Chronicles..."I Heard The News Today..."

I mentioned earlier that every time my cell phone goes off and I see "University Hospital" I get a lump in my throat....

When I got off the phone a line from the Beatles immediately popped into my head, "I heard the news today, Oh Boy!"...A Day In The Life. First song I ever played when I was in radio.

I got the news. There is a tumor on my liver and potentially two others. An MRI will confirm the other two potential tumors. A tumor on the liver is never good. As the doctor explained to me, when the liver is dying then tumors are rather common place. They are now charting this as liver cancer and have little hope they will be reversing their diagnosis.

Where does this leave On the proverbial ropes. I will  hopefully give advance notice but now nothing is a given. I successfully beat several small tumors in my stomach and kidney area. A liver tumor is a virtual death sentence in my particular form and stage of the disease.

Your support has and continues to mean everything.
I am eternally grateful.

More on this after the MRI and oncologist meeting next week. My survival rate for the one tumor is 3%...

Things are getting ugly. My only concern is for my mom.