Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Liver Chronicles Update

After 10:30 a.m. eastern standard time on Wed. 5/14/14 www.criticaljazz.com will be on a hit and miss "vacation."

What I mean is simply this...A serious round of ultra sounds, ct scans, nuclear medicine imaging are all starting and according to my doctor I need to keep a hospital bag ready to rock at all times. Once I get the call then I have to be admitted. My "vacation" could last a week...They are looking for cancer. If found one week could turn into an indefinite lay off. Think good thoughts.

The bitch of it is there is no set time table depending upon what imaging shows. So....artists, labels, publicists, friends and haters simply be patient. I will review what I can later today and then we wait...

If so inclined you can help the medical fund here by simply making a donation to pay pal or by using the funding widget. Your kindness is being paid forward and is appreciated more than you know.