Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Liver Chronicles and EarCandy Cabs Join Forces!

From my friends at Ear Candy Cabs...The Government is dragging their feet when it comes to approving my treatment. Medicaid and The Affordable Care Act are simply not doing their job and what they are doing is not happening fast enough. I am reaching a point where I can not keep doing their job and I need your help...Check this out, a top quality product at a rock bottom price and you help out a human being with a pulse. Not an ideology...It doesn't get any better than this!
Good Morning,
If you have been reading our posts from time to time then you probably know about the music industries friend Brent Black. Mr. Black is dying simply because he lacks the funds to get the help he needs.

We have built a special one off 2x8 covered in Ostrich skin tolex, the front and back are Ecuadorian Mahogany with honey tinted nitro cellulose lacquer. The cab is made of white Baltic Birch.

It has all mirror chrome hardware and a stereo mono combo wiring harness that = 8 Ohms left, 8 Ohms right and 4 ohms mono. This is a 100 watt cab and is loaded with a set of special edition Fender 8" speakers and the cab sounds PHENOMINAL.

We are holding a raffle, It is $10.00 per entry and you may enter as many times as you wish. The more you enter, the higher your odds of winning the cab are and the more you are helping a person in need.

All the $ goes straight to Brent's medical bills or to his medication so he can live 60-90 more days. Every time you enter the raffle, we get an E-mail, all of the emails will be balled up, put in a bucket and the winner will be blindly drawn from the huge bucket of entry's.

Brent has done a lot for this industry and the people in it, from getting people signed, distributed and interviewed for major magazine's to reviewing new releases and publishing them for people. Here is the link to enter the drawing and the pictures of the cab will be posted below. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for helping a friend to the music industry. Here is the link to enter the raffle.
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