Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dialeto The Last Tribe MoonJune 2013

Dialeto transcends genre specific labels while creating a sound that will set your hair on fire!
Brent Black /
Dialeto is a full metal improvisational trio that seems to float effortlessly between prog rock, metal and a fusion on steroids sound that other bands are still trying to put their finger on but with little success. While guitarist Nelson Coelho may be running the harmonic point, this is a true collective in every sense of the word. Jorge Pescara on touch guitars and drummer Miguel Angel are far more than rhythmic after thoughts as each contribute their own distinct voice to allow this trio to fire on all cylinders.
It is indeed a puzzler why a true power trio such as this is literally ignored by the main stream media. Artistic comparison are inherently unfair and given the expansive sound on The Last Tribe, an accurate if not fair description of sound is somewhat difficult to pin down. Imagine the musical happy place between the group Rush and Allan Holdsworth, you may be getting warm. "Windmaster" is something close to cinematic fusion, a grand design of lyrical purpose that never drags the band down that pretentious road of no return. "Lydia In The Playground" is another expansive piece showcasing the sonic fury of drummer Miguel Angel and an almost Steve Vai like approach from guitarist Coelho. "Sand Horses" moves to a more intense prog like fusion sound with as much intensity as one could handle. A sound somewhere between Rush and Jeff Beck has Nelson Coelho as a guitarist worthy of significant recognition.
Contemporary, cutting edge and cerebral all have the Last Tribe and Dialeto as one of those hidden gems one normally gets hip to thanks to word of mouth. MoonJune seems to have struck the mother load on guitar trios with Dialeto one of their finest. A contemporary throwback charting a new course for improvisational music.
Tracks: Windmaster; Dorian Grey; The Last Tribe; Lydia In The Playground; Unimpossible; Tarde Demais; Vintitreis; Whereisit; Sand Horses; Chromaterius.