Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spencer Day Daybreak 2014

Far more than a crooner, vocal artist  Spencer Day is cutting a unique path as one of the top vocal artists in the country!
Brent Black /
Spencer Day does an new school riff on classic music from the 60's with the release of Daybreak. A sweeping generalization would be Day fits in with Harry Connick, Michael Buble, Michael Feinstein bunch. Nice...yet artistic comparisons in this case are grossly unfair as Day is charting his own unique course down the harmonic road less traveled.
Daybreak is a well conceived and magnificently executed gem divided into two equal parts. Five somewhat eclectic covers from the 60's and five solid originals that match up to the vibe perfectly. A couple of thoughts on why Daybreak works so well would start with the arrangements. When considering the work of song stylist Spencer Day, a respectable cover of "These Boots Are Made For Walking" would seem to be the equivalent of pulling a lyrical rabbit out of the hat. The arrangements make the Nancy Sinatra hit work along with other favorites such as "Bad Moon Rising" and "World Without Love" from Lennon and McCartney. The first single would be the original "Missing Tonight" which has the deceptively subtle feel of a song destined for the Great American Songbook.
Spencer Day has a voice that is clean, neat and with a slight smoky finish. The horns add a pop of color and texture. While still early in what is destined to be a stellar career, Day has managed to find the ability to crawl inside a lyric and make it his own. Spencer Day does not sing the words, he makes the music.
Tracks: Missing Tonight; Naturally; These Boots Are Made For Walking; Don't Let Me In; Never My Love; Wait Till Your Alone; Groovin'; Bad Moon Rising; World Without Love; You Don't Know You're Lonely.
Personnel: Spencer Day: Keyboards & Vocals; Erik Kertes: Bass, Multi Instrumentalist; Matt Mayhall: Drums, Tympani, Percussion; Brett Farkas: Electric and Acoustic Guitar; John Storie: Electric and Acoustic Guitar; Jeremy Levy: Trombone; Alex Budman: Saxophone; Alan Chang: Piano and Organ; Jamie Hovorka: Trumpet; Paul Cartwright: Violin; Cliff Goldmacher: Uulele: Rayna Dae: Vocals; Kathleen Grace: Vocals.