Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sonny Rollins Road Shows Volume 3 Okeh 2014

Sonny Rollins Road Shows, vol. 3
Sonny Rollins continues to embrace the spontaneity of the moment with Road Shows Volume 3!
Brent Black /
Some artists thrive in the studio, some don't. While Sonny Rollins has laid down some of the most iconic releases in improvisational music in the studio, his work on stage has been legendary for over fifty years! A harmonic passport that has been stamped numerous times over the last eleven years, these particular snapshots in time are some of Rollins very best live performances since 2001. I feel uniquely unqualified to review Sonny Rollins. You never review brilliance, you celebrate brilliance.
The various lyrical ports of call from which these six tracks were acquired include St. Louis Missouri and the more exotic Saitama Japan. There are some old friends to become reacquainted with including "Someday I'll Find You" which originally appeared on the 1958 release Freedom Suite. There is a 24 minute blazing marathon of "Why Was I Born" which is as emotional as it is intense in dynamics and execution. The favorite "Biji" from the 1995 Sonny +3 is another crowd pleaser. As a critic one often plays musical prospector but with Road Shows Vol. 3 we have Sonny Rollins offering up the previously unreleased gem "Patanjali." The inspiration or conceptual idea for this piece comes from sage Yoga Sutras whose philosophy has been center stage in the ongoing development of Rollins. Improvisational music is 24/7 learning curve much like the personal journeys each of us take while away from music. Sonny Rollins is still searching, still writing and still performing and adapting to the ever changing conditions that surround him.
The musicians that join Sonny are the finest and include Victor Lewis, Bob Cranshaw and Sammy Figueroa just to drop a few names. Road Shows Volume 3 is the perfect picture post card that captures the life and times of the greatest living improviser of our time and arguably the finest tenor player that has ever graced a concert hall. An absolute must...
Tracks: Biji; Someday I'll Find You; Patanjali; Solo Sonny; Why Was I Born; Don't Stop The Carnaval.
Personnel: Sonny Rollins: Tenor Saxophone; Clifton Anderson: Trombone; Stephen Scott: Piano; Bob Cranshaw: Bass; Perry Wilson: Drums; Kimati Dinizulu: Percussion; Bobby Broom: Guitar; Victor Lewis: Drums; Peter Bernstein: Guitar; Kobie Watkins: Drums; Sammy Figueroa: Percussion; Steve Jordan: Drums.