Saturday, May 31, 2014

Roy Hargrove Accepts A Plea Deal On Cocaine Charge

Roy Hargrove admits to cocaine possession Gregory P. Mango NY Post Photo Credit.

Some may consider the Hargrove case as nothing more than a bump in the road for one of the finest trumpet players in the last twenty years. If you missed it, Roy Hargrove accepted a deal on a possession charge. The quantity was small yet the implications are large.

It would be as easy to attack Hargrove for his behavior as it would be for some to turn a blind eye with the rationale that "everyone does it." Let us go for the middle ground, the health and well being of Roy Hargrove. Drugs and drink have cut short the lives and careers of far too many brilliant artists and while inferring that could be the case with Hargrove would be irresponsible let us quickly review history.

If you don't understand history you are doomed to repeat it. Roy Hargrove has had a DUI along with another charge involving marijuana. Hargrove can bang out some community service and get this expunged from his record. Would you or I be afforded the same opportunity if we were not a globally recognized talent? Probably not...

What really matters is the health and well being of Mr. Hargrove. Jazz does not need this black eye and neither does Hargrove. People make mistakes. Let's just hope Roy Hargrove is lucky and smart enough to both move past and stop the pattern of mistakes he has been making.

Improvisational music needs Roy Hargrove at full strength. We wish him the very best.