Monday, May 26, 2014

Organ Donor Guidelines...You Can Live And Die Based On Your Zip Code

Right away people are asking..."What does this have to do with music?"

The list of musicians that have died from liver disease or complications from liver failure is long and well known with Lou Reed perhaps the most famous casualty.

"Just get a new liver" - Works about as well and is almost as meaningful as "Hope and Change."

Organ donors are desperately needed. Guidelines for transplant can and often do very from state to state and simply moving to the best state is not a viable option. With the recent changes in our health care system this on going tragedy and travesty was never addressed. Is this reform?

Why do I care? I am dying of  hepatocellular carcinoma. To put it simply, I have four lethal tumors on my liver and my odds are about 3%...Yes, there is hope. There is always hope. There is also the reality that even beating cancer that I will probably either never make the transplant list in time or even pass the initial qualifications.

There are hundreds of thousands just like me that are dying simply because they had the bad luck to be living in the wrong zip code. This is not about ideology but life and death. That is as real as it gets...

You can help. You can share the message. Better still you can find out how you can become a donor in your state...This could happen to your family. The gift of life is the most lasting legacy you can leave on this earth. Not a self serving agenda for a reform that is not remotely comprehensive...Think about it.

There are actually people out there that will defend ideology before defending human life. I have been threatened and attacked with the individual knowing full well...I am a dead man walking. Nice.

Be well.