Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Marion Bates Stereo Is King Innova 2014

A bold exploration into new classical music for instruments and electronica!
Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com
Innova artists are often referred to as experimental while the music is certainly cutting edge and everything but genre specific. Composer Marion Bates creates a most dynamic sound with Stereo Is King. For some new classical can be equated to free jazz, impressive to hear but occasionally a cerebral onslaught that forces the cerebral cortex of the "average listener" into over drive.
Stereo Is King is an inspired recording blending traditional classical instrumentation with ambient electronica textures and a deceptively subtle third world influence occasionally smoldering just below the surface. "Stereo Is King" is reflective on the previously mentioned somewhat ambient tropical vibe while embracing more traditional classical scoring. A dynamic tension is created from the nuanced percussive textures with the end result as a composition in search of a fine feature film. "String Band" is slightly more traditional new classical on a harmonic quest for the lost chord. Open ended and with a spatial dynamic bordering on the avant garde there may be a new genre in the works,  free range classical. "Difficult Bamboo" is an elegant somewhat Asian inspired work with a lyrical sense of purpose and a lighter than air eclectic development.
Cutting edge yet remarkably accessible has Stereo Is King a definite winner for those in search of slightly more advanced new music. A sonic feast for the senses!
Tracks: Stereo Is King; Observer In The Megellanic Cloud; Difficult Bamboo; Terrycloth Troposphere; String Band; White Lies For Lomax.